5 Best Beard Styles

5 Best Beard Styles For 2021

5 Best Beard Styles For 2021

With their potential to totally transform the aesthetic of your clients, beards have become one of the most common trends for men. The amazing thing is that any man can have a different beard type. This featured article from Barber Stuff gives you various beard styles to get you started, whether your clients are looking for something rugged or something a little more delicate. Are beards on the rise in 2021? Yeah, and that means it’s time for your clients to switch up their style. 

Magnificent beards, after all, are adaptable and flexible. And if a guy is merely wearing raw denim or a full suit the right beard style for the face will completely transform how he looks and naturally feels. A man will look his personal best and be happy on any typical day when he undoubtedly has the right haircut and beard style. Gone are the days when facial hair was traditionally seen as an evident sign of a sloppy and untidy guy.

Beards, like most fashion statements, intentionally alter as the years naturally progress. Although most men prefer a bushy beard, your clients might want to experiment with these five beard styles for 2021. If they are a first-time beard grower or a seasoned beard grower, there’s plenty of styles for everybody.

The Classic Stubble Or The 5 O'clock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow is one of the most classic beard types that men have invariably worn. The word “5 o’clock shadow,” also known as stubble, was invented by a shaving manufacturer to prompt men to shave twice a day. Presuming your clients are having difficulty growing and tending their beard, particularly if it’s their first time, make sure you pass on your knowledge and offer some hints and tips on how they can groom the beard in between barbershop visits.

stubble beard

The 5 o’clock shadow is up until now a famous and iconic look today as it always has been. During film and music award ceremonies, top celebrities such as Hugh Jackman Tom Hardy, and Justin Timberlake confidently wear 5 o’clock shadows. In fact, when it traditionally comes to formal occasions, this beard style has become an integral part of men’s grooming, and it shows no signs of fading.


To achieve precisely the 5 o’clock shadow will typically take your clients two to five days for it to naturally appear. If your client is on the darker side facial hair will become apparent in as little as two decent days.

The Corporate Beard

The Corporate BeardA corporate beard as its official name suggests is ideally adapted for an appropriate professional environment. This distinctive style is two to three inches and is close-cropped, but ideally, it takes dense facial hair to pull off.

It’s critical for your client to have the corporate beard clean and tidy because it’s better suited in formal settings. If necessary, instruct your client how to trim the beard hair to remain them looking clean and sharp until they return to your barbershop. It’s equally significant to carefully keep the neckline, and cheek line tidy and always looking fresh.

The Scruffy Beard

The scruffy beard is a rough-looking beard that is marginally longer than the stubble and displays a unique characteristic of a rugged look that appears great on men who are going for a tough and rough appearance. The client should allow two to three weeks for their facial hair to mature to achieve this look. Properly trim the neckline during the third week to typically prevent the scruff from crawling down the Adam’s apple. Since a scruffy beard can be itchy, make sure the client adds conditioner to the beard on a daily basis to keep it soft and hydrated.

The Short Boxed Beard

short-boxed-beard Trendiest-Short-BeardThe corporate beard is similar to this beard style. But it’s moderately longer at the chin to produce edges that draw attention to the jawline. Your client must patiently cultivate their beard for three months before you design a taper on the side of their chin for this beard style. The short boxed beard provides the bonus of being appropriate for any face form. However, it will provide men with an oval face best.

The Hollywoodian Beard

The Hollywoodian beard or the Tailback beard is another common beard style this year. This style obtains its name from the fact that it was an extremely common beard style among actors during Hollywood’s “golden age” in the 1960s. This is why some barbers affectionately refer to it as a retro beard style.

A goatee, full moustache, and a large horizontal chinstrap that stretches to the visible edges of the mandible precisely define the Hollywood beard type. Because of the trimmed upper cheeks and sideburns, the beard will not conceal the lower half of the face as a flowing beard does.

For clients who want to grow facial hair on their sideburns and cheeks, the Hollywood beard is an excellent option. Rather than the nose, this will help convey depth to the jawline but remember don’t cut the neckline too far.

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Promote Beard Growth Within Your Barbershop

Your clients need to be patient in developing their facial hair before trimming it. The first uncomfortable stage of beard growth is the specific period of time that occurs between the first two weeks of beard growth and the next is the critical month of beard growth where we as barbers can show our skills to determine the style and shape of the beard. Because of the quarantine, many men have already begun to grow beards and its or jobs as barbers to maintain and educate our clients on the joys of having a beard.