How To Make Small Talk With Clients

How To Make Small Talk With Clients

We all must agree that how to make small talk with clients is one of the most valuable qualities a barber requires. And on the days when you may be feeling a bit stressed out and not in the mood for some male banter, you need to put them at ease and make the client your top priority.

Making small talk is something that some people are better at than others that’s because they haven’t been fortunate to learn the ART of small talk, cause yes it is an Art and yes it has to be learnt but the good news is that it’s a talent that can be mastered quickly and  with a bit of practice, anyone can become confident at it and become a expert in any subject of their choice.

Bear in mind that this is all about them, not you, so be curious. Ask questions and get to know the person in your chair. You could always start with hair conversation topics. For example, what products are best for their hair type and texture, best hair care routine for maintenance, best hair treatments, etc.

Reasons for this being is it’s a very neutral topic to bring your client to a comfortable level as well as build a bridge to more open conversations. 

From the very first moment of meeting them, you’ll know when they tell you what they want you to do with their hair, if they feel like a discussion or whether they’re just happy to sit calmly in the chair while you work your magic. If the cut or design they have requested is a departure from the one they have at the moment you can now showcase your talents and knowledge to the full. 

pexels thgusstavo santana 2040189 1How dull are questions such as’ Where do you come from? ‘Or,’ What are you doing ‘? Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so they certainly won’t be motivated by a ‘What do you do’ question to respond with anything more than a straightforward response. It almost seems like you were just posing the question because there was nothing more you wanted to say. Alternatively, ask them something that would almost assure a reflective reaction. A breezy “How was your day so far?” ‘It can be an Open Sesame to a better chat, and the reaction of your customer could cause them to talk about things that you never anticipated. When they trust who they are talking to, people love to offload!

If the small talk is running out, it’s fine to ask about their favourite TV show, a current event or a piece of local news – but be sure to keep it light and positive!
Hobbies and entertainments are other relevant conversation starters. For your client, any kind of sports is a favourite topic for them. Asking if they watched a particular live match or highlights of said match, is a very good build bridger. Common Games mostly video games are also a topic that a lot of guys bond over, you could ask what their favourite games are or what their hobbies are as well as favourite books, shows, and movies are another common activity and topic to bring up and bond over.

This isn’t the time to be discussing the latest earthquake, or how close we might be getting to nuclear war! If your client was reading a magazine when you collected them from the waiting area that could also be a big clue about what they’re interested in. Don’t be afraid to reference it because everybody loves some celebrity gossip!

It’s not about you, this haircut is about them. Keep your answers short and turn the conversation back around if your client asks for you. Often, do not forget to smile and make eye contact sometimes (even though it will mainly be in the salon mirror from your reflections). It’s all about the tone of voice, encouraging body language and excellent etiquette. Put these top tips into work, and even as they thank you for a great hairstyle and walking out the door, your client will already look forward to their next appointment!

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