THE MODERN MAN: Why Male Grooming Is Positively Booming

Why Male Grooming Is Positively Booming

male groomingWith every generation that comes after the previous, we see a change in various ways. In history, we have noticed a large trend of the generations being a product of their environment. A child born in the shadow of the Second World War, for example, is likely to have grown up with the initiative and a survival instinct that simply isn’t in a modern person. 

However, children being born today are naturally going to be more empathetic and considered their language. They are also going to be more concerned about their physical appearance. That’s why, if you are a ‘modern man’, it is not quite as odd to care about your looks. And while older men in the family might quiz you on why you take such good care of yourself, you aren’t alone. Male grooming is in the process of seeing a massive boom – but why?

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An Increased Level Of Self-Respect

One major reason comes to form the fact that today many people simply have the time to focus on how they look. In the past, financial constraints and limits on the market meant that your average man would not have time to pamper themselves.

As such, it was a ‘do the best you can’ kind of feeling, where the idea of being careful with everything from beard trimming to personal care was seen as excessive. The modern man, though, lives in an era where personal care is respected, not derided.

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Better Knowledge Of Benefits

Another main reason, though, comes down to the fact that today we can find out the benefits more. Tell a classic shipbuilder from the 1960s about the importance of oiling skin and pampering the face, and they would simply scoff at you. Today, though, we can find out the benefits of moisturising skin, avoiding dryness, and generally caring for ourselves.

Male self-care, then, in the form of skincare and grooming, has become a more common part of the ‘male’ industry. The days of men being ignorant to the benefits of caring for their hair and skin are gone.

Greater Self-Confidence

mens skincareIn the past, grooming was seen as something for celebrities and vain. Today, though, just about any man can find themselves having self-respect and self-care. There is a major part of caring for the body, and it can come from the feeling that being able to look good is something that you should be proud of, not ashamed.

 Many generations of men grew up believing that trimmed beards and managed eyebrows were ‘wrong’, but it would have only had a negative impact on self-belief. Now, a modern man can look into a mirror and feel proud about who is looking back at them in the mirror. 

Plutonic Relationships

Go back forty years, and the idea of a man and wife being well-kept together was often seen as odd. Men would normally turn up in a scruffy-but-trying-their-best style, while ladies would be far more conscious of how they looked. Today, though, it is common for a relationship to have both sides more conscious of how they look.

Today, it is not so rare for a man to use the grooming and care products of their partner as they can appreciate the benefits to their body long-term.


Greater Options On The Market

grooming manAnother particular reason for this change is that today it is easier to get quality grooming tools. Barbershops that can do more than generic cuts are popular, as are home-use barbershop equipment that you could use on your own.

Having greater and more varied options on the market is a massive part of what can make the development easier than ever. With greater options today, it is much simpler for males to take a genuine interest in looking good. Today, the cost of male grooming is well in reach of the average male as opposed to the rich and the famous.

A Growing Trend

Today, we are beginning to see many modern men follow the trend of self-care. If you were out with several well-groomed friends and you still retain that ‘wild man’ look, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb – and for the wrong reasons!

With that in mind, we recommend that you look to use the growing availability and affordability of male grooming to your advantage. The days of sticking out from the crowd because you care for your skin and your body are gone; today, caring for yourself and engaging in grooming is something to be respected! 

So, as a modern man, don’t let the growing trend of male grooming make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to look better, why not invest in some grooming tools and a grooming session with a local barbershop?