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What Can Salon Owners Learn From Our Barber Shops

Let’s get started so what can salon owners learn from our barber shops. Although salons and barber shops cater to make all their clients look amazing and feel wonderful, it’s interesting, they still have very striking variations in how they are handled, advertised and maintained. There are, however, a few things inside these gaps that salons can learn from their barber shop brothers.

So let us dig a little deeper at these interesting and inspiring concepts from the Barber Shop.

The Barber Shop Atmosphere

As I stroll pass my local barber shop there always seems to be a series of individuals inside. I figured at first that they were all just customers waiting for their ‘Short-Back-And-Sides.’ I noticed soon that a lot of these guys were just hanging out, drinking coffee, and shooting the breeze.

Also, customers who have already gotten their haircut will always regularly remain with the barbers and the other customers for another half hour of chit-chat.

What the barber shop may lack in beauty and glamour today, they are more than compensating for customer service and an outstanding customer experience. I will always say it, what other profession do you think has that kind of customer response?

ATMOSPHERE:  It will really generate long-term fans to create a communal environment in your business.



Amazing Additional Service

Another thing that barber shops are good at is casually offering extra facilities over and above what the customer has already ordered. Say a customer goes in and asks for a dry traditional cut. The customer will also undergo eyebrow trim and beard trimming or any other service the barber may provide.

Therefore, when the session is over, the client leaves realising that they have actually gotten more than the value of their money.shave

This is highly significant as the customer decides whether to actually go back to the same barber shop or not. If he have had just another basic haircut, he could be put off and just go to any random barber shop. Once the principle of receiving multiple services arises, the odds of the customer returning are very high.

SERVICE: Think about the tiny yet high impactful extra benefits that you can offer to your customers.

Caring For Non-Customers

Now, many salons might be doing this to a degree already, but barbers are pretty darn good at looking after the individual waiting for the customer. Barber shops have a fantastic opportunity to provide them with service, amusement and/or gifts, whether it be for a child or a partner.

A few barbers have some sweets and juice boxes for kids, which will keep those rascals occupied while their dad gets their new trim. Few barbers also have video game machines for Customers and non-customers who are waiting.

For the partner of the client, it can be as plain as tea and coffee or as sophisticated as a cheeky glass of wine or ‘bottle’. For consumers and non-clients, many barbers often have iPads to play on and read while they wait. Their primary aim here is to make everyone happy and pleased who comes through the door.

CARING PHILOSOPHY: Barbers provide a good overall consumer service by taking care of the non-customer, while still establishing a positive bond with the group at the same time.



Personality is one thing that many fashionable barber shops are renowned for. More of a personality and with a little swagger, is the kind of attitude I’m talking about. A blast of self-confidence that without ever entering through the doors is clear.

For consumers, a brand that conveys a cool, proud temperament can be very appealing. It could mean the difference between having clients and loyal devotees of your company for years to come.

These days its completely up to you what kind of mindset you have and how you would like to display it. There are several distinct categories of approaches to attitude delivery. Take, for example, these guys. It seems like they are aiming for that cool, minimalist style.


Don’t be afraid to show off your personality through your brand. Adding a dash of attitude may really help propel you ahead of your competition.

Well, there you have the top things salon owners can learn from us, barber brothers. I’m sure theirs a load more but we’ll leave them for another day. Take a look at our blog post Why is customer loyalty so important to barbershops and keep them clients coming back for more.

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