Make Your Barbershop StandOut From The Competition

Make Your Barbershop StandOut From The Competition

As a barber, one of the most common problems you can find when it comes to running your shop is visibility. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to the only person with the skill for a trim in your town. This can mean that you have to compete against various barbershops in town, and it can become tough. If you are the owner of a barbershop, then you will want to do all that you can to try and overcome these issues that you are facing.

So how can you make your barbershop standout from the competition?

Update Your Shop

Have you been running the same look and style of barbershop for years? You might think it adds that vintage charm. In reality, you will make it hard to attract new customers. While your regulars might appreciate the familiarity, this can make it hard for you to make your shop as attractive and unique as it can and should be. So, make sure that you update your barbershop so that it can be the stand-out place that it should be.

You need to make a good first impression, so coming up with a theme relative to your name makes sense. You will then find it much easier to offer quality advertising as you have a more specific focus in terms of the design. If your barbershop simply follows a generic look and style, then it might make it hard to beat the competition in terms of winning your audience over.

Improve Your Furnishing

You also need to look at the furnishings. From upgrading your kids-size snooker table to something larger for entertainment to getting better seats and sofas, you can do a lot to make barbers more friendly. Do more to try and make sure that customers can feel comfortable.

REM Voyager Barber Chair Black

Look for solutions that can make the cut more comfortable, too. From chairs that heat up as the work is done in the winter to finding non-sticky leather covers for the summer months, improve and modernise your furniture to help make sure the end results are worthwhile. You’ll find products including barber chairs, poles, styling units and a whole lot more.

You’ll find products including barber chairs, poles, styling units and a lot more. Shop now with Salons Direct and make the most of their free UK delivery options.

Bring In A Coffee Bar

Another useful way to help improve your barbershop is to bring in a coffee bar. Customers might be waiting for a while to get a cut, so you should be able to put on some barista-style coffee. The smell of the coffee might be nice enough to catch someone’s attention, meaning they might walk in and decide to get a cut when they might have waited for another week.

Barista Express Machine

Bringing in a coffee bar helps to add another place where your staff can interact with customers, build rapport, and keep sales coming in while the cuts are happening.

Build A Social Media Presence

Look at the most popular social media systems based on your use of social media. For example, those targeting kids and young parents might focus on things like Snapchat and Instagram. Those targeting seniors might want to use something like Facebook.

social icons

Try and retain a strong and unified presence on all major social media channels, though. Then, you can use the most important and popular channels to connect with your audience easier and improve the ability to connect and understand one another as time goes on. A very useful tool for any modern barbershop!

Never Lose Sight Of The Competition

As a stylist, you need to be keeping your eye on the competition. We recommend that you look to fit out your barbershop with modern tools and techniques. While outright copying your competition is hardly going to win you new customers or peer respect, having a similar idea used down the line might make sense.

Instead of just copying the competition, though, take a look at what they are doing and see how you can adjust it. Think about how a related promotion might go down with your audience.

Be Hypercritical About Your Shop

Often it helps to look at things from a different viewpoint, take a step back and from time to time and look around the shop. Imagine if you’re a client and you’re wandering around your barber shop. Tell yourself what’s going to make you come back and what will stop you from returning. Attempt to imagine what’s essential and important for your clients to enjoy their visit. Having an open mind will help you visualize about new tactics that can make you stand out from your competition.