Tips For Thinning Hair Male

Tips For Thinning Hair Male

Tips For Thinning Hair Male

If your clients are endowed with bulky shaggy hair but are dramatically thinning it’s reasonable to say they are making some grooming mistakes. These mistakes made by thinning men could totally ruin the whole look if not remedied quickly. Most men will lose the battle against hair loss, no matter how much they resist the fate of the dreaded follicle. How we barbers cut and style thinning hair takes finesse, that’s because there’s less of it, and a lot of guys have it all wrong when they come to style their own hair. To avoid them committing the most classic mistakes here are some tips to pass on.

Excess Use Of Hair Products

An excessive amount of hair product when you’re thinning will weigh the hair down and make it look lank, this look should be avoided at all costs. Every Barber must agree hair products bring a refined touch to the final look however, gel and pomade will cause separation and attract further attention to the thinning hair. Try to discover a formula that can bring texture to the hair rather than make it look separated for starters, your best bets are creams, clay, or paste but only in small amounts.

Excess Use Of Hair Products mens

Growing Out Your Hair To Add Volume

Although some hacks do help to cunningly conceal bald spots it’s a huge grooming error to grow the hair long enough to cover up the balding places and no one will ever know right NO WRONG! But just like the old comb-over of fathers years ago, everybody undoubtedly knows, it can make your clients instantly look a little sad.

As the flowing locks reluctantly begin to get thin on the top, your customer may decide to grow their head of hair on the back and sides. This will only merely make the disparity more apparent and further noticeable consider advising a cropped hairstyle instead or alternately a buzz cut that can be blended into the thinning areas.

Shampooing Daily

man washing hair shampooThe clearer and healthier your hair is, the thinner your hair may look. Regular shampooing cleans your hair of the natural oils and, yes, even dirt that helps your look to add volume and texture. Over shampooing will also dry out the hair for certain guys, giving you static sticking rather than the structure in your grooming.

Your hair will look much thinner if you brush your hair too much. The scalp will also dry out, which in turn leads to further hair loss.

Misuse Of The HairDryer

men and hairdryerProceed with care for those who visit the gym at lunchtime, or like the volume, a dryer brings to their look. It can pull the moisture right out of the strands, by keeping a dryer close to the roots will make the style look wispier.

With the round brush technique, grab the hair at the roots, then spin it gently while you run the dryer over the ends this is going to help add volume and create more fullness and thickness to the finished look.

The Beard Strategy

This strategy will not work if your client is balding and have a straggly scruff on their lip and face, the focus will always go to the hair that is thinning. Suggest to the client to go absolutely bald or attempt a buzz cut with a fully groomed, thick beard, sometimes you just have to take the plunge.

A stubble beard also goes perfectly with a balding head, and various lengths of stubble are determined by the strength and shape of the jawline.

If they have a weak or round jaw, then a full beard might be better, but if they have a defined jawline that they do not want to hide, then a stubble look would work better.

A word of warning to relay to the customer once you have shaved their head for the first time, they may find themselves feeling a little strange (not to mention slightly cold).

Parting in the Middle

A centre-part only helps in making thinning hair appear thinner when men lose their hair on top first. On the other hand, regardless of how thick or thin the hair is, trying to force a side part with a cowlick will also never work. The natural way your hair falls, which is different for everybody, has a lot to do with it.

Transplants And Medication

Finasteride sold under the brand names Proscar and Propecia will delay hair loss and, while they are not permanent and can run into thousands of pounds per treatment. The modern techniques in hair transplant do show promising results. But what your clients should be really saying is why?  What is so wrong with accepting the imminent baldness and buying into the whole look? It’s become widely accepted beginning in the late 1990s that having a shaved head makes a man look good. Today, this still remains true. All your customers with thinning hair should feel a sense of liberation by you shaving their hair instead of overspending on expensive treatments.