Which Hairstyle To Choose For Your Clients Face Shape

Which Hairstyle To Choose For Your Clients Face Shape?

Which Hairstyle To Choose For Your Clients Face Shape?

One thing that you should focus to learn ASAP being a men’s grooming and the hairstylist is that, what looks good on someone else, may not look good on your client. And, that’s why giving the same hairstyle as someone else is completely unfair service to your clients because everyone has a different face shape.

Now, if you know your client’s face shape and you know which hairstyle would suit them, then you could be having one of the superpowers a barber requires and if not, today we’re going to gift that special ingredient to make your barbering services a success.

Presenting you, in-depth knowledge of different men’s face shapes and hairstyle that would match them.


Round Face Shape

The most versatile face shape for giving a haircut, a round face shape is when the cheekbones and forehead look somewhat similar in length and jaw is less defined, thus giving it a round look.

For guys with perfect round face shape, you should put your razor into the action giving faded sides with a longer-up top, on top you can go with a Quiff and volume to make the face look a bit long. Rocking a beard would be another great idea to give angles to a round face and matching the round face shape hairstyle.


Square Face Shape

When all lengths of the face, be it cheekbones, jawline or forehead is equal and the face length from top to bottom matches the face width, then your client has a square face shape which is considered a bit masculine with a strong jaw and angles.

The benefit that comes with this face shape’s hairstyle is that you can give your client almost any haircut, be it fades, tapers and you can level up their hairstyle by adding a little texture to it. The sides should be comparatively shorter so that the forehead doesn’t appear bigger.

Diamond Face Shape

Now, this face shape is very rare, but you should always know as a barber, how to give a diamond face shape, a fantastic haircut. When the length of the cheekbones is larger than the forehead and jaw, this masculine diamond face shape is formed.

To match up the masculinity, our prime recommendation would be to give a fringe or bangs on the client’s forehead which would complement the length of their cheekbones. You can use hair cream or a hair paste, with some blow-drying to give your client’s texture they need. 

Rectangle Face Shape

When the face length i.e. length from hairline to the chin is longest of all, then it makes up a rectangle face shape which can be frequently seen in many customers visiting your salon. And with this face shape, your work as a barber is pretty much defined.

Do not make the face look elongated, and this point brings out the option of long sides and a fuller back. You can give them a classy pompadour with fuller sides or even a wavy hairstyle like a curtain hairstyle.

Oval Face Shape

Last but not the least, the egg-like face shape, i.e. the oval face shape is when the jaw is more rounded, rather than being sharp and the face length goes bigger than the forehead length.

Men’s Oval face shape is the ideal face shape because any hairstyle would look good on this face shape due to its symmetrical nature. The only tip with this face shape is to avoid giving any fringe or bangs to your customer, it will make their face look even rounder. You can go with shorter sides and a quiff or long top.

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So wrapping our men’s face shape hairstyle guide with these 5 defined face shapes and hairstyles suiting it. And by knowing your client’s face shape, we helped your salon to prosper a little by giving you a plethora of options to work with.

Any hairstyle may look good, but a hairstyle suiting the face shape would be even better, and bring back and retain your customers more often. We at www.barberstuff.co.uk provide all the necessary means to run a barber-shop, from detailed blogs to amazing products, we have all fine pieces that you need in your barbers.

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