Why Are Barbers Pole Painted Red

Why Are Barbers Pole Painted Red, White (and), or Blue?

So why are barbers pole painted red, white (and ),or blue well most people have seen the three coloured pole that is usually placed in or outside a barbers shop and had no idea what it meant. While most customers know that it is a representation of the barbershop, not a lot of individuals know that there is a more historical and ancient reason for this. The Red, white and blue stripes all have individual significance that gives meaning to the pole itself. Now to the major question, Why are barbers pole painted red, white, and blue? 

In ancient times, (5000BC or the middle ages), the skill of cutting hair or barbing hair was all-inclusive. Those who offered these services were oftentimes referred to as Barber-Surgeons because of their sharp tools, and the array of treatment procedures they carried out. They were not only responsible for styling, cutting, shaving, and grooming of hair but could also perform mini operations or treatment procedures on patients. These surgical treatments could also include pulling out of bad teeth, nicking a vein to extract blood for treatment purposes, amputations, etc. 

Normally, they would have gained no precedence in that time, but because the surgeons and physicians of then refused to attend to little or menial injuries, these Barber-Surgeons were born. Gradually, the dentistry and bloodletting skill was added to their skill of cutting hair regularly.POLE 3 e1605470772632

 To shed more light on the representation of poles today, barbershops then were very messy places due to the array of treatments and procedures that were handled there. For the bloodletting, leeches were used to nick a part of the body so that the infected blood could flow out. Customers were given a pole to hold tightly, while the process was being carried out.

The bloodied rag used to curb and clean the blood flow were hanged outside to dry. While this was the major intent, customers like yourself would see the blood-stained rag and automatically know that there was a barber-surgeon nearby. Slowly, it became a symbolic representation of the occupation.  

Some Barbers became innovative with theirs by painting the pole white and red to mimic the bloodied white rag, while others simply let the rag speak for itself. The red on the pole represented the blood that had been drained, the white represented, or was the gripped pole, the blue color was subject to a lot of interpretations. For some barbers, it represented the spirit of the American Flag,(i.e Patriotism) while for others (in Europe) it distinguished between the barbers and surgeons 

In recent times, barbers are banned from performing medical procedures or treatments so as a customer you’re safe. Lol. Regardless they still make use of sharp tools and undergo training to be certified and qualified. Here at Barber Stuff, we know your barbers is a great place to book an appointments for any legalized barbing procedures. As a licensed operation, we can deliver all kinds of recognized services. From recommending hair products to shaving, cutting, trimming, styling, etc. Though we acknowledge the iconic symbol of the pole, we thankfully do not offer any of its more gruesome procedures! see more on WIKIPEDIA

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