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Why Our Clients Should Use Beard Oil

When it comes to growing a beard, the many months of work and preparation required can be daunting. For men who can pull it off, though, the results can be positively fascinating. However, if your clients are going to go to the effort of growing a beard, why not make sure that they care for it with the patience that their beard deserves? To do that, they should be using beard oil.

Why, though? We get asked by many clients about why they should be using beard oil. Here, then, are some of the reasons why you should consider using beard oil.

Why We Recommend Clients Use Beard Oil

Beard oil has many benefits, which is why as Barbers we should look to recommend it to as many clients as we can. Just some of the primary benefits, though, include: 

  • For one, you will find that your beard tends to feel much better due to the added moisture. Moisture plays a major role in helping our beards to stay in top physical condition.
  • This is because the oil is absorbed into the hair itself, helping to soften and hydrate the hairs. This helps to avoid scraggly hair sand also makes creating a shape easier.
  • On top of that, you will find that a well-oiled beard is also going to be a beard that is less itchy. This saves you scratching at your beard and your skin.
  • Your skin gets to benefit from the added moisture, too, which can help to avoid skin underneath a beard feeling dry and damaged.
  • Another benefit that you will find is that using beard oil helps to get rid of beard dandruff – now, you can create less (or no) flakes from your beard, making it healthier and more hygienic.

How Do We Use Beard Oil?

There are numerous ways to use beard oil, but the simplest way is the best. Start off by taking a small amount, about the size of a pea or piece of corn, and then apply this to your fingertips before rubbing it between both hands.

Once you do this, you simply need to start rubbing your hands into the beard itself. Basically, try and imagine that you are applying the oil to your face underneath the beard as opposed to the beard itself. This helps both the surface layers and the deeper layers of hair to get as much of the oil goodness as is possible.barber putting beard oil to client royalty free image 1584017848

This helps to keep your beard in good condition, but it also avoids the oil simply sitting on the further layers. Make sure that you don’t ignore the underside of the beard and the moustache, though; they deserve your love and attention, too! 

Keep Them Beards Looking Cared For

Now that you can see the benefits of using beard oil, we need to educate our clients we can advise on style and shape of the beard and recommend great products which of course we can stock in our barbershop have a look below of some of the best beard oils on the market.

As Barbers, we look to help our clients enjoy the best quality hair and beard care. This includes giving you great ideas that you can use whether you are in a shop or not. We want our clients you to feel good about their beard and using beard oil will definitely help them in that regard! 

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