Dark Stag DS+ Offset Barber Scissor 7in


The new Dark Stag DS+ Offset scissors offer incredible long-lasting precision and an effortless reliable feel when cutting. Available in 6.0″ and 7.0″ it’s offset design allows the hand and arm to work in a more natural and comfortable cutting position, reducing strain. Combined with the silent and smooth tension system, these DS+ Offset scissors are the perfect tool for everyday use.



Dark Stag scissors are purpose-built barber scissors designed as an ideal tool for precise, perfect hair cutting. The DS+ Offset Barber Scissor is the perfect example of why. Made in beautiful, high-performance heat treated stainless steel. A razor sharp, acute convex razor edge ensures the ultimate cut suitable for all types of work. The purpose-designed stainless steel ensures long-lasting precision and an effortless reliable feel. The ultra-precise screw system provides both stable tension and a silent, smooth feel, free from resistance. With Dark Stag tools you have control of the hair at your fingertips, give your customer the look they want.